“You are making a difference” – Aaron Swartz

“It (CiSPA) is more like a Patriot Act for the Internet.” – Aaron Swartz

“It’s an incredibly broad and dangerous bill.” – Aaron Swartz

Aaron’s activism brought attention to issues that should concern all of us: the privitization of information, socioeconomic privilege of the educational system, internet censorship, and privacy protection. Aaron’s rallying cries encouraged masses to act, sparking the largest online protest ever and stopping SOPA in its tracks.

Aaron Swartz dreamt of a free and open internet. With CISPA back on the table and the proposed changes to the CFAA we need your help – PLEASE Let us know why his work was important to you and what we can all do to keep Aaron’s dream alive!

#Anonymous @OpCISPA 


Guerilla Open Access Manifesto – Aaron Swartz 2008

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz


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