VIDEO: #OperationCISPA – Call to Action

To Stop the CISA bill, everyone is going to have to play their role as a citizen. Spread the word about CISA whichever way you see fitting, whether it is online, in a rally or by writing to a politician.

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Greeting Citizens of the World. We are Anonymous. As the CISA Bill passes through the Senate, it comes closer and closer to becoming a law. This bill directly attacks your right to privacy. We refuse to sit by and watch our rights be taken away bit by bit. If you wish to take to action against this terrible bill, then listen to the following.

You can take to arms in many different fashions. The first, and most simple step, would be to sign and share our petition on social media. This would only take a few seconds of your time and would help our petition get more publicity. Sharing some of our posts on Twitter or Facebook would help your friends and family realize how they could be negatively impacted if this bill is passed.

Simply talking to a stranger in a coffee shop about CISA will help spread awareness about this terrible bill. Every person who is made aware of this bill will help to spread the word to someone else. it will help create a domino effect. However, not every person will be as social and talkative about important issues as you may be. So another way to promote awareness is by taking to the streets with our flyers and hand them out to spread awareness to help stop the CISA bill. Standing on the street passing out a flyer and talking with people will help a greater number of people realize how atrocious this bill is. To take it one step further, you could organize a rally with fellow citizens and have a small number of people protest the bill outside of your local governments office. You could make signs, hand out flyers and discuss the bill with people as they pass by. Together, in peaceful public protests and marches, you need to show your disapproval of this bill. Public attention will be drawn, having more and more people wake up and realize the harmful nature this bill carries.

To further publicity against this bill, would be to write letters or call your congressmen. Writing a letter or calling a congressmen shows how strongly we all dislike this bill. You need to voice your opinion directly to the congressmen. If we have 50, 100, 500 people writing letters or calling them, they will be forced to shut this bill down. An individual has more power than he or she thinks, and can make change by simply picking up a pencil.

It is your duty, as a citizen of the world, to fight against injustices, and tyranny. Even if they are not where you resign, fighting for the right thing is always a just cause. “There is no greater tyranny, then that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice”. That is what the great philosopher Montesquieu thought. Do you think he is wrong?

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
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