Media links for more info about #CISPA

CISPA Media Links

Washington Post
“Digital rights activists vow to fight CISPA”

BBC News
“Net ‘bat signal’ activated for privacy protests”

New York Times
“The President revives an old debate about privacy”

“Reddit co-founder urges tech leaders to fight CISPA”

NBC News
“Facebook, Google, and Twitter called to Stop CISPA”

ABC News
“Controversial CISPA cybersecurity bill passes House. Again.”

Al Jazeera
“CISPA resurrected, privacy concerns continue”

Rolling Stone
“Congress is trying to kill internet privacy again”

Wall Street Journal
“CISPA’s immunity for data handover’s stirs controversy”

“Internet Activists Deliver 300,000 Anti-CISPA Signatures to Congress”

Huffington Post 
“Web Giants Fight CISPA, Push Back Against Resurrection of Cybersecurity Bill” 

The Hill
“Privacy groups prepare to hit back on cybersecurity bill” 

“Reddit, Craigslist, and 30,000 other sites protest CISPA”

“CISPA already seeing big privacy pushback” 


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