What YOU can do about #CISPA


“All your data are belong to the U.S.”@OpCISPA

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger re-introduced CISPA to Congress. You can read the 2015 CISPA bill text here –  http://piratetimes.net/wp-uploads/news/2015/01/RUPPER_001_xml-1.pdf

Basically, if CISPA were to pass, government agencies such as: DEA, IRS, FBI, NSA, Federal Student Aid, Interpol, US Army, Veterans Affairs, Amtrak, Job Corps, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, US Postal Service and Immigration could all legally spy on us with nothing more than a suspicious search request such as ‘Marijuana’, ‘torrent’ or ‘illegal’, and the only place your data would be safe is if it were encrypted with OTR or GPG, presuming the NSA hasn’t found away to break those encryption methods yet.

The NSA and members of Congress want to pass CISPA so badly, they’re scapegoating the SONY hacks over the Interview as the reason this law is back. The truth is that CISPA could not have prevented those hacks, and even Representative Ruppersberger couldn’t explain how it could have.

The really maddening thing about CISPA isn’t just that it gives government agencies access to your private, personal data; the Edward Snowden revelations already showed that they have plenty of that to begin with. It’s how easy the bill would make that data collection and delivery. No subpoenas, no warnings, no protests, nothing.

We all know, this bill WON’T prevent hacking but WILL allow deeper surveillance of innocent people worldwide.

We’ve stopped them before, we can do it again!

So what can YOU do about CISPA?

Get mad about CISPA!

Get mad and call your congressman. Because this threat to civil liberties could either be (a) a privacy nightmare that doesn’t protect anybody at all or (b) a great excuse to figure out a plan that does protect us against a cyber attack. That’s actually a good idea.

You can call your representative if you live in the US.

Click here to find your Senator’s phone number – http://cms.fightforthefuture.org/cispa/ There’s also a handy script available there for your use, courtesy of Fight For The Future.


Sign the petition!



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